Land Flowing of Milk and Honey

Published on 1 September 2023 at 16:28

The other day I met a lady, and we had a nice conversation about life in general. I enjoyed hearing her viewpoints through the eyes of her generation, and cultural influences.


Her 92 year old mom has been in the hospital for over a month now. If you are reading this, please I am asking you to give her mom a positive thought or prayer.


My new friend made a promise to her mom that she would stay in Maryland as long as her mom was alive. But she has a dream that she shared with me. Her bucket list desire is to sell her possessions, to travel the world, and to do it with nothing but what she can carry.


She believes that people are weighed down by their possessions and that having a ton of  possessions fills an emptiness within them. She mentioned being retired but for now her loyalty is to just be there for her mother. Of course, we do not want her mom to pass but to not be selfish she does not want to see her in pain. She knows when her mom does pass away ,it will be the perfect timing of God.


She has already started selling pieces of her furniture one by one. She truly simply wants to fill a backpack and travel the world. She has a vision of  5 years in Greece, because her husband was born in south eastern Europe. Then 1 year in the country she was born in.

Overall it was a great conversation. She believes in the Heavenly Father, she believes in astrology, family means a lot to her, and she believes America is the land flowing of milk and honey. To state the obvious she has already enjoyed a great overall life of travel. She has seen many things but America  she insists is the land the bible refers to as the land flowing with milk and honey. She gives facts behind her thoughts by saying you do not have to leave to go to the beach, to go to the mountains, go skating, everything is right within the borders of the USA. She even quotes America nickname by saying “ America is the land of opportunity”


I thought it was interesting.  I know that the Moran Bible is based on travelers that moved to America after God said what he would do to Israel. I just started reading the Mormon Bible so I do not want to start quoting the full foundation of it because I do not want to get it wrong. I know it is about prophets, and America being the place the Heavenly Father told to journey too. As she spoke it gave me a different viewpoint of things. And, I had enough evidence from reading to support her theories. 


At that moment I  decided I wanted America to be my land flowing of milk, and honey


This morning as I traveled I thought about my new friend, her mom, and our conversation. Then the spirit spoke to me and said “ anywhere that God puts his believers is holy. Where I am is holy ground.


Then if that is true then wherever God puts you. America, Dubai, Greece or Australia. For me right now it is America. With that just remember wherever you are is exactly where you need to be, and I hope one day that all of us get to live out our dreams!.

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